Senior Art Editor

Reece Braswell

Senior Art Editor

Since that first acceptance letter, my writing has improved significantly. Granted, I lean towards poetry now, whereas fiction was my go-to Freshmen year. I still appreciate both branches of writing equally, but it’s the raw emotion in poetry draws me towards it. For many, poetry gives them a space to show their most authentic selves, reevaluating where they stand in their own lives. At least, that’s been my experience. Poetry has opened a window into myself where I can see the emotions I need to draw out. All art, in fact, has this universal release. It teaches, connects us to universal experiences, and heals us. For many, it gets them through trauma, other life struggles, and helps them process the world – many young people don’t know they have that power.

As Art Editor, I am exposed to so much vulnerability in both visual art and writing. In many ways, seeing that openness has encouraged me to be more vulnerable in my writing.

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