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We’re Celebrating our 30th Anniversary!

Élan first launched in 1986 as a publication of the Creative Writing department at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts. Since then, Élan has grown into a thriving student-produced international literary publication producing two online issues each school year and one print magazine that is a compilation of the work included in both online editions.

We recently celebrated this milestone by inviting former Élan editors, many now accomplished writers and teachers themselves, to return and share their work with the current students of the program. Take a look at our gallery of images below!

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Turning Back Time

Posted on September 23

Èlan Literary Magazine is celebrating its 30th year Anniversary. In honor of the evolution of our published writing, our editorial staff is appreciating the techniques and stylistic choices of those that have inspired them. 

In The Great Gatsby, Gatsby’s best friend, Nick Carroway, urges him to stop daydreaming, telling him that you can’t repeat the past, but as Gatsby delves even deeper into flashbacks of him and Daisy, he can only reply with, “Why, of course you can!” I think that this accurately portrays the importance of flashbacks in stories— they give both the author and the reader a chance to dive into aspects of pieces that would normally not be explored, and they give the piece a more meaningful background and plot.