Junior Managing Editor

La’mirakle Price

Junior Managing Editor

Often, the first thing people say when they hear about Creative Writing is: “I can’t write”. I believe that statement is false. Everyone can write. Putting together a sentence is technically writing. People believe their first draft must be perfect which is wrong. First drafts are where you make the most mistakes, where you experiment, where you do too much or too little. There’s no such thing as the perfect first draft and that’s what I love to tell people.

I enjoy helping others find their creative grounds. Most young writers just think of creative writing as writing poetry or fiction. There are different genres inside of each other and they intersect, the possibilities are endless. I enjoy exploring other people’s work for these reasons and Élan is the perfect place to do so. Not only do I get to read and see some of the art students at my school produced, I get to see work from other students outside of my school and around the world. That by itself is mind blowing to me.

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