Zoe Lathey


Since I heard about the Élan Magazine two years ago, I wanted so badly to have an influence in it and be accepted as a member. Over the summer I was anxious to know if I had been selected to be on the staff and didn’t find out until I got my schedule at orientation, it was very relieving and exciting to know I was going to be able to work on the magazine.

I had doubts on whether I was going to do good work or not, especially in my new role as Junior Editor in Chief, but once I began working on tasks more closely related to the magazine, I realized it wasn’t coming out to be as worrying as I had thought. I didn’t think I was going to be ready to take on the role as Junior Editor-in-Chief, after a conversation with Mrs. Melanson, she helped open my eyes to what the role entailed and how I shouldn’t be as worried as I initially was. I realized how important the role, and everything else going on in Élan, means to me.

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