Online Edition


The Élan staff is proud to present our newest online edition. The 2017 Fall Online Edition features art and writing from newly published and returning artists.

Click the cover image to view the full edition online at Issuu and view the list of featured writers and artists below.

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Featured Writing


A Semblance of What Should Have Been – Jaclyn Berry
– Lexey Wilson
– Rafael Pursley
Return Date: “5/11/1947”
– Keiona Wallace
Shape of a Man
– Ruben Adkins
Storm Surge
– Molly Lantinberg
Symptoms of a Thinker 
– Alexa Naparstek


Living With Myself – Reece Braswell
A Shrine to (Un)dead Mothers
– Winnie Blay
Spontaneous Meditation Sitting Under the Rock at Hooker Falls
– Connor Naccarato
A Promise to My Brother
– Jasmine King
papou hands out money, teaches lessons
– Alexa Naparstek
– Kathryn Wallis
Color Blind
– Noah McGahagin
Notes From an Ex-Georgian
– Olivia Meiller
mother, deceived
– Kinley Dozier
Her Endeavors Versus Mine
– Evelyn Alfonso
Remembering Home From the Garden
– Connor Naccarato
The Waterlilies
– Hanna Walters
To Be at Peace
– Reese Braswell
William Tell Overture
– Meredith Abdelnour
This is how a girl’s mother teaches her to picks figs
– Oona Roberts


Portrait With Hands (cover) – Emma Mclaughlin
Tranquility – Kaylin Hillman
Childhood Memories – Kristina Lowry
Fruit on Wheels III – Varun Tandon
Midnight Lasstitude – Dane LaRocque
Sacrifice of the Shaman – Corey Kreissel
Counting My Blessings – Davis Smith
Side House – Ignacio Serrao
Electric Blue – Audrey Phillips
Blank – Jasmine Hernandez
Reached – Emma Mclaughlin
Renewal – Antonio Colón
Blue Bowl – Emma Mclaughlin
Comfort of the Holy Mother – Victoria Sherwood
Eruption – Sharya Mccray
Wind-Up Boy – Gabrielle Broome
Too Late – Alivia Rukman
Morning Coffee – Antonio Colón