Online Edition


The Élan staff is proud to present our newest online edition. The 2020 Spring Online Edition features art and writing from newly published and returning artists.

Click the cover image to view the full edition online at Issuu and view the list of featured writers and artists below.

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Featured Writing


The Kentucky Translucent Frost-Crested Moth by Hannah Wehrung

Faults in a Guitar Strum by Mia Parola

By the Cornfields by Reece Braswell

His Love by Lily Stanton

How You Learned to Sleepwalk by Jasper Darnell

Omitted by Katlynn Sherman

Senior Center by Raleigh Walter

Yet Another One by Arryon Pender


Primal Instinct by Sofia Miller

Oranges by Breana Kinchen

Ghost Song for Art by Sofia Miller

The Challenger Shuttle Disaster, 1986 by Sara Carmichael

Becoming a Wishbone by Riley Bridenback

Tiger, what it means to leave behind by Jaden Crowder

Minor Grievances by Katlynn Sherman

When My Mother Calls to Say She Quits Being My Mother by Noland Blain

Mixed-Emotion Elegy for Closeted Me by Barker Thompson

The Barbie by Myka Davis-Westbrook

Ghetto Fabulous by Miracle Singleton

Flamenco Shoe by Raleigh Walter


Morning Chat by Keila Smith

Wonder by Kaitlyn Griffin

Post Humous by Alli Russell

80% Chance of Rain by Breanna Adams

Mediterranean Mary by Mary Hamilton

I’m too Young to be a Movie Star by Cassidy Palmer

Faces of Happiness by Sena Suganuma

Cowhand by Gabriel Drebek

Earth’s Sensations by Maverick Johnson

Holy Grail by Cassidy Jaillette

Still Life Party by Shu Chen

Sleep! No Never Heard of Her 2 by Samuel Pabon

Decouverte by Kai Schindler

Transportation through Missouri by Mackenzie Wondell

Oppidum by Younggil Jo

Eldest Child by Erin Murphy

Pressure Cooker by Samuel Pabon

Fed Up by Isabel Bachman

Composition 9721 by Tamia Brinkley

Beady Beads by Vaylen Pabon-Morales

Fire of Motion by Michael Lindros

Five, Six, Seven, Eight by Ava Burr