Online Edition


The Élan staff is proud to present our newest online edition. The 2018 Fall Online Edition features art and writing from newly published and returning artists.

Click the cover image to view the full edition online at Issuu and view the list of featured writers and artists below.

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Featured Writing


Snowbird Peak by Lexey Wilson
April Showers by Ashley Chatmon
Empty Your Lungs by Valerie Marie
Scissors by Dariana Alvarez
How to Read Slope Intercept Form: y=mx+b by Winnie Blay
What’s That Smell by Raleigh Dewan
Human Billboard by Sydney Byun
Charlie Foxtrot by Kevin Kraft
A Saint’s Demise by DaChyla Clayton
Bird’s Grace by Shelby Woods
Mosquito Candle by Harleigh Murray
Collateral Damage by Noland Blain



Nature Observations by Aidan Aragon
Lagarto ’17 by Izabella Sifuentes
Phases of Matter by Lily Paternoster
Corn Syrup by Hannah Lanier
Teach Me by Hannah Lanier
Oil/Water by Meredith Abdelnour
About Speaking in Spanish by Izabella Sifuentes
A Testimonial to the Realm of Hip Hop by Tierny Touch
Sleepwalking by Gwyneth Atkinson
Black Racer by Grace Brodeen
Ritual by Gwyneth Atkinson
An Ode to Africa by Sarah Chocron
Havana, Cuba by Evelyn Alfonso


Two Facets by An Tran
Visions of Africa by Iyana del Pielago
Mountain Cascade by Zander Leffel
Ignominy by Sam Pabon
Black Widow by Cassidy Jaillette
p r o M i s E by Riche Williams
The Ways by Davon McGauley
Serenity by Maria Cortina-Sainz
Exodus to Egypt by Davis Smith
Sleepy Eyed by Ella Ketron
EjuRo by LiJune Choi
Symphony by Kyiara Brown
Recollection by Sarah Yun
Dinner Table by An Tran
Able and Idle by Alli Russel
Cloud Girl by Kyiara Brown
Under the Stars by Kayla Sweatt
Vivid by Maria Cortina-Sainz
Purification by Elizabeth Duong
Reminiscene by Katherine Harrison
Masha by Kristina Lowry
46 by Mary Hamilton
Paradise by Katherine Harrison