Online Edition

2020 Fall/Winter Edition IS ONLINE NOW!

The Élan staff is proud to present our newest online edition. The 2020 Fall/Winter Online Edition features art and writing from newly published and returning artists.

Click the cover image to view the full edition online at Issuu and view the list of featured writers and artists below.

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Featured Writing


Every. Single. Flower. by Summer Carrier

Ode to My Grandmother by Niveah Desirea

How Far We Are From the Stars by Abigail Gower

The Butterfly Effect by Haven Jack

More Familiar Than Most Things by Blake Molenaar

Zephyr Winds by Brendan Nurczyk

The Sand Swiped Over Her Eyes by Andrea Salvador

The Spice House by Evelyn Weaver


Canid by Lillian Ackiss

Chronic and In the Soft Part of the Night by Hannah Bardhi

The Neighborhood by Zarria Belizaire

The Little Mermaid by Kaysyn Jones

Strange Snow by Trinity Jones

Leaving Next Fall for University by Zoe Lathey

messy rememberings by Nayra McMahan

War Poet by Blake Molenaar

Long Abstractions by Nia Moneyhun

Greenhouse by Abby Pasternak

Preserved by Hannah Wehrung

Men Dream of Wars by Sheldon White


Gold Ball by Neissa Berlius

Mixed Media Dreams by Rachel Brown

Lost Souls at the Border by Britney Garibay

Swimming by Emily Gnida

If My Mind Was a Snowglobe by Eliza Hinrichs

The Fox and the Grapes (Cover Image) by Sara Jacks

Brothers by Emmaline Kim

Twins by Henry Mowry

bone spur and tension by Victor Platt

Together by Christian Riley

The Everyday Sublime by Keila Smith

Snake by Raelynd Smith

slower by Lara Spronken

Deconstructed and The Library by Avery Sullivan

Cajun Cottage and Street View by Ingalls Vincent

Colorful Freedom by Jade Wynn

Which Do I Tend To by Max Young