Online Edition


The Élan staff is proud to present our newest online edition. The 2018 Spring Online Edition features art and writing from newly published and returning artists.

Click the cover image to view the full edition online at Issuu and view the list of featured writers and artists below.

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Featured Writing


Masterpiece- Jaclyn Berry
Dianthus Caryphyllus- Shelby Woods
A Slice of Grief- Lex Hamilton
Crystal cross- Mickey Gonzalez
Joints- Oona Roberts
How to Breathe in a Housefire- Keiona Wallace
Why Willows Weep- Noland Blain
A Rattling Epiphany- Connor Naccorato
Nohbdy- Alexa Naparstek
Feel (The Entirety of my Heart)- Olivia Meiller



Ground Under the Night’s Flower- Luz Manuga
Yacht-Haemura Chung
My Father Fishes for Children- Kinley Dozier
Deciding to Stand Up- Winnie Blay
Syrup- Meredith Adbelnour
Letting Go- Harleigh Murray
Godspeed- Valerie Busto
Real Motherhood- Harleigh Murray
John 11:35- Valerie Busto
maybe the thing is- Natalie Filaroski
Underappreciation of Moms by Sons- Noah Mcgahagin



Halo (cover)- Sierra Sharp
Puro- Maria Cortina-Sainz
Unwavering- Katherine Harrison
Urban Jungle- Albert Zhang
No Estoy Perida- Emma McLaughlin
Mandala- Jordan Hanna
Beyond- Brianna Eisman
Clementine- Audrey Phillips
Logic is Relative- James Morgan
Rolling Fog- Michelle Schoen
Escape the Heat- Darvin Nelson
Water- Ignacio Serraro
Yellowstone Air- Brianna Eisman
Collide- Savvanah Rahn
Need a Hand- Montana Kromann
I’m Really Broken Up About It- Tamika Lungu
Don’t Go In- Reilly Edwards