Junior Editor-in-Chief

Olivia Meiller

Junior Editor-in-Chief

While I enjoy reading fiction, I am definitely more drawn to poetry. Poetry’s role in my life has been a crucial and consistent thing in which I turn to (in both writing and in reading) for inspiration, expression, and connection.

More specifically, spoken word videos are a go-to when I want to produce a vulnerable piece. The art of spoken word allows a sort of face-to-face confrontation between the artist’s emotion and the audience that I admire deeply. It’s truly an unfiltered expression of human emotion even greater than what can be conveyed on the page. I can honestly say that certain spoken word performers and pieces have changed my life in an incredible and irreversible way.

As far as inspiration goes, I’m also a huge fan of film and music. I can genuinely say I’m artistically infatuated with both. My father is a musician, and, because of that, music was the first introduction of art in my life. Film and directing is also something I would love to do when I’m older. But because I don’t currently produce either one of these things, but rather, ingest them, I feel like my opinion is a little underqualified (in comparison to things like poetry).

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