Inspired by Interception by Mark Tansey

by Sierra Wise

Five men firmly plant

their feet onto ground,

dig their soles into dirt,

hold onto the earth

like a kite.


Vast beams shine on them

from an icy geometric dome.

It illuminates a tree, thin branches,

flimsy leaves. From white,

blue-gray, to navy,

the men battle.

They tug against the stars,

drag the tides,

yank the galaxies.


They try to bring the sky down,

reel it in, grasp its light,

own it.


The earth trembles,

cotton and nylon line begins to unravel,

sail wavers.

A lone man stands by the barely lit tree,

shakes his head.

Scars cover his palms from the days

when he too attempted to clench the unattainable,

sway the sun, reign the moon,

dominate the Milky Way,

never succeed.


The sky’s ropes burn hands,

slips through thumbs pressed to index fingers.

Ten eyes gaze and focus

as the earth,

seven wonders, the world,



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