Poetry Editor

ellaGabriella Christenson

Senior Creative Writing Major

The reason why I love poetry so much is the reason why I wanted to join Élan- both the genre and publication allow me to connect with others and touch others through the written word. Before I discovered Douglas Anderson and Élan, I felt alone and out of place because I didn’t believe there was a place for me and my love for writing in my community. That’s why I did cling to writing so much. It allowed me to truly express myself and my experiences since those around me couldn’t understand my creative way of thinking and processing. My mother encouraged me to audition for Douglas Anderson for creative writing and I just knew I was in the right place, that I was destined to be at this school. In my junior year of high school, I was really making personal growth as my writing grew and I no longer wanted to keep my passion for writing to myself. I knew Élan would allow me the space to be as passionate as I am about poetry, so I applied my junior year and this year, I’m the poetry editor. Through our workshops during submissions periods and promoting our publication in the community and especially visiting middle schools, I know I’ve made an impact through my role by transferring my love and passion to those I meet.

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