Co-Art Editor

zacZac Carter

Senior Creative Writing Major

My favorite art piece is “My Kind of Woman” by Austin Abistado, which is featured in the Winter 2015 Online Edition. I have a very vivid memory of staring at this piece on my laptop screen at four in the morning. I was trying to get all the art in order and it was my first time as art editor. I was struggling to find it enjoyable at first, finding the whole process more of a hassle but as I stared at this piece I found myself lost in it, and began to realize how much I really loved and connected with art. This piece was a pain to format and fit into the book, but the content was worth it, and I think that’s how I really learned how to be an art editor, by dealing with the frustrating things and coming out of them stronger, realizing that it wasn’t the end and that we got past it. I think I will always remember that piece because it was the first piece from Douglas Anderson that really took me back and made me have a moment.

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